The team at 145 City Road stepped into the fore when St Monica’s primary school requested help to get their Eco classroom ready for winter. The school is fortunate to have a green space including a pond and seated areas for children to learn in. They have a compost bin and wanted to rear chickens but have a resident fox which gets into the compost and would be a hazard to chickens. The team designed a fox-proof foundation for a chicken coop with assistance from subcontractors Briggs Amasco and DGP Logistics and created a fox-proof lid for the compost bin. The team of five volunteers cleared two skips of waste and shrubbery from the garden in only five hours.

For added sustainability value the team used waste paving stones from the site to make the chicken coop foundation and waste timber from site for the compost lid. What worked well about this volunteering was the team’s ability to work around meetings at the office – with a couple of team members popping back for meetings and returning to finish the volunteering task. The project could not have been achieved without the enthusiasm and support of personnel from subcontractors Dhesi Logistics and Briggs Amasco.