Leading roofing and waterproofing specialist BriggsAmasco has launched its ground-breaking new Flexiphalte Finisher

A state-of-the-art asphalt finishing machine which operates five times faster than traditional hand lay to save contractors time, money and waste.

The new Finisher enables fast, accurate and very high quality applications of the company’s industry-leading Flexiphalte System – exclusively available in the UK from BriggsAmasco.

“The launch of the Flexiphalte Finisher signals the beginning of an exciting new era for BriggsAmasco,” said Dave Maginnis, BriggsAmasco’s Managing Director. “This cutting edge piece of machinery together with a range of innovative surface finishes will reinforce our market leading position by helping us to provide the best possible service to all our customers.”

Weighing 2400kg, it can lay up to 90 tonnes of Flexiphalte material in a single day. As well as a much quicker application, the machine also ensures improved accuracy and aesthetics. Versatile, flexible and reliable, it can be adjusted to a working width between 1.5 metres and 5 metres to meet almost any project requirement.

With the new Flexiphalte Finisher, BriggsAmasco is set to revolutionise the waterproofing industry once again. It will enable the unrivalled levels of protection offered by Flexiphalte to be achieved faster, safer and with reduced waste to meet the highest environmental standards and stringent building regulations.

Watch the BriggsAmasco Flexiphalte Finisher in action opens_in_new_window-icon or click here for all of our videos


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