Working for main term contractor Wates and in collaboration with Liquid Plastics and client The City of Edinburgh Council, BriggsAmasco had to design and specify a complex flat roof system for the ‘Siporex Estate’ which could encapsulate the existing roof envelope, protect the vulnerable concrete roofslabs beneath from wind and rain, and further insulate the flats beneath.

As part of Phase 2 of the upgrade, the team had to refurbish 750m2of flat roofing for two interlinked deck access blocks of flats which covered 19 flats in total.  The Phase 3 part of the refurbishment programme was a similar complex construction and specification but covered a smaller area of 140m2.

For both Phase 2 and 3, the BriggsAmasco team were faced with the challenge of laying the top coat in one continuous coat to eliminate the patch effect and meet the client’s stringent aesthetic requirements.

The BriggsAmasco team were also able to handle further challenges on both blocks of flats such as the intricate detailed work around the parapet walls and chimneys, a number of fascia changes and projections as well as galvanising powder capping to the perimeter.

“BriggsAmasco worked successfully with our Term Contractor to deliver a first rate refurbishment solution to ‘hard to treat’ homes in Crewe Road West, Edinburgh. Their expertise was put to the test in applying this modern system to a 1960s building with numerous detailing complications to overcome.’’ commented Ryan Timpson, Building Surveyor, Edinburgh City Council. “Their experience and technical abilities overcame these with ease and resulted in a new high performance roof covering guaranteed to last for the next 25 years and beyond.”

The project consisted of a 900m2 Decothane Delta 25 roofing system which was fully insulated to meet current regulations and carried out by BriggsAmasco’s skilled team to the highest standards.

To provide long term waterproofing integrity, the Decothane System included a Liquid Plastics’ vapour control layer, 130mm Decotherm insulation and a carrier membrane. Two coats of Decothane completed the roof and ensured the roofing system met the highest industry standards.

The requirement for the roofing system to be “totally seamless” was very important for the housing services department who were highly delighted with the final aesthetic appearance of the product and its application.

With BriggsAmasco involved in every step of the process from design through to completion, the company’s experience, exceptional workmanship and attention to detail helped to deliver a seamless and versatile roofing system which will ensure these Edinburgh Council blocks of flats remain protected from the elements for years to come.