Leading waterproofing specialist, BriggsAmasco, has begun resurfacing works at Kings Cross Station, improving platforms and walkways, as part of the station’s wider redevelopment programme.

A team of eight BriggsAmasco operatives and managers are carrying out works throughout the night on a shift basis over a three month period. Using a mastic asphalt system laid across concrete floor slabs, platforms one to eight will each benefit from new surfaces, following removal of any existing asphalt.

The new asphalt has been mixed with luminous sand which provides both an aesthetically pleasing finish whilst offering a good foot grip and finish. Work by BriggsAmasco is being carried out in rotation with other trades and close communication and a flexible approach by the wider project team is key to the ongoing success of this scheme.

These works form part of a wider programme which will see King’s Cross transformed into a world class transport hub which can meet future demand and offer the best facilities for passengers. The Department for Transport is investing over £500 million in the station, which is owned and managed by Network Rail.

BriggsAmasco operate a London branch and all staff involved in this scheme live and work locally. The company continues to utilise mastic asphalt as one its key solutions, specifying this robust and hard wearing system at projects with a focus on roofs, car parks, walksways, bridges and transport platforms.

Nick Kershaw of BriggsAmasco said: “This is one of the busiest stations in Europe and planning has been an imperative factor in the continued success of this scheme. Work is being carried out on each platform separately to avoid closure across more than one platform at a time and so our involvement in the project has been carried out on a rotational basis. Mastic asphalt has been specified here as it is an incredibly hard wearing system that will provide a tough and durable surface for many years to come.”