Suffering from water ingress for a number of years, the surface of Wilberforce Walkway had become beset with cracks and uneven surfaces. Causing trip hazards and uncomfortable walking conditions for students and staff alike, the walkway required a comprehensive refurbishment programme to return it to its very best. For this, leading waterproofing and roofing contractor BriggsAmasco was appointed.

Starting the project during the University’s summer break to minimise disruption, BriggsAmasco stripped the existing paving slabs and screed. The company discovered that due to years of water and frost damage, the concrete base had started to fail. As a result, the company’s own installation team completed an additional 120m2 of concrete repairs before the asphalt installation could even begin.

Following these repairs, BriggsAmasco applied the 15mm Permapark Waterproofing layer and 25mm one coat Permapark Paving layer, before completing the system with a 40mm Permapark Paving crimped finish surface.

Completed on budget and on time, ready for the new academic year’s intake of students, the project perfectly demonstrates the radical change from an old style paved walkway to waterproof mastic asphalt. Acting as a waterproofing layer, whilst removing the constant issue of damaged paving slabs and trip hazards, mastic asphalt proved the ideal solution for the project.

The new Wilberforce Walkway will provide University of Hull students with safe and reliable access for many years to come – made possible with the high quality asphalt application by BriggsAmasco.