At the new 5 Broadgate development in the heart of London’s Square Mile on the site of 4 and 6 Broadgate, BriggsAmasco has successfully installed a total of 8,000m² of waterproofing and roofing systems.

Due to unforeseen issues during the frame erection the main roof plant area was moved from the summer months to January. BriggsAmasco had to provide a successful working arrangement that allowed them to complete the work with minimal disruption within the three month deadline during the coldest and wettest time of the year.

Several options were considered to ensure the strict completion date was met. The option of providing “tents” was proven to be the most likely at allowing works to continue even during the notorious British weather.

Work was spread across several levels with the tents being used on Level 13. BriggsAmasco worked very closely and successfully with sub-contractor Harsco to ensure the total project area of circa 5,700m² was completed in a safe manner and all risks created by this working environment was addressed prior to work starting.

One of the risks that needed to be addressed was the size of tent to ensure a reasonable area of work. The grid layout of the roof allowed a 9m x 14m structure to be used providing a reasonable days work.

Another risk was the relocation and movement of the tents. The solution was to erect a number of tents allowing them to be dismantled while working in another area.

Roman Starukh, Project Manager at BriggsAmasco, commented that “whilst the tents provided a solution to the weather it was the close co-operations and buy in of all interfacing trades, particularly sub-contractor Harsco, which ensured the target date was met.”



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