Briggs Amasco Ltd is committed to continuous improvement in all aspects of its business.

Core Values

At BriggsAmasco we have the following six core values.

Sharing Knowledge

We believe that working together to share knowledge and insights in an environment of teamwork and operational excellence will result in the best value proposition for customers and a healthy work environment for employees.


We believe that by being honest, respectful, responsible and accountable we will meet the expectations of the family.


We believe that every decision must consider the present and future effects on employees, customers and suppliers as well as the continued success of the organisation.


We believe that by continuously challenging ourselves to improve everything we do, we will provide superior value to everyone.


We believe that being humble creates an honest, open and respectful interaction between all people, internally and externally, regardless of their role.


We believe that keeping an open mind, considering alternatives, and being prepared to make timely decisions, based on knowledge, experience and sound information, is important to our success.


In order to demonstrate this commitment, in 2003 we identified the following areas where we felt we could apply measurable key performance indicators.

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Employee Satisfaction (Staff and Operatives)
  • Profitability
  • Productivity
  • Supply Chain
  • Safety
  • Process Evaluation

Initially, these were measured against industry standards, but we now measure these against our previous years’ performance, either on a year by year basis or against three year aggregated results. In 2014 we also made changes to the questions asked and methods used, in line with adopting a continuous improvement approach towards how we measure performance.

With the growing emphasis on environmental issues, we have now expanded our report to include the following Environmental Performance Indicators (EPIs).

  • Propane Gas Usage
  • CO2 Emissions from Company Cars
  • Electricity and Gas Consumption in kWh

Our KPI report is published annually.

BriggsAmasco 2017 KPI Report

2017 KPI Report – click for PDF

BriggsAmasco 2016 KPI Report

2016 KPI Report – click for PDF

BriggsAmasco 2015 KPI Report

2015 KPI Report – click for PDF

BriggsAmasco 2014 KPI Report

2014 KPI Report – click for PDF

BriggsAmasco 2013 KPI Report

2013 KPI Report – click for PDF

BriggsAmasco 2012 KPI Report

2012 KPI Report – click for PDF


BriggsAmasco 2011 KPI Report

2011 KPI Report – click for PDF



BriggsAmasco 2010 KPI Report

2010 KPI Report – click for PDF




BriggsAmasco 2009 KPI Report

2009 KPI Report – click for PDF





BriggsAmasco 2008 KPI Report

2008 KPI Report – click for PDF


BriggsAmasco 2007 KPI Report

2007 KPI Report – click for PDF