The modern lightweight waterproofing solution, with quick clean installation

For over twenty years Single Ply Membranes, that is roofing systems which essentially consist of one layer of roof waterproofing membrane, have been successfully used in the UK.


Applications to most types of roof construction are possible, not just flat, but also to pitched, barrelled, vaulted and vertical surfaces, and not just to larger, new build commercial and industrial developments, but also to major refurbishment projects. Since the introduction of Single Ply systems to the UK over 25 years ago, BriggsAmasco has successfully contracted Single Ply membranes in all such situations.

The Materials

A variety of materials and specifications are available to suit different applications and design requirements.


Polymer type membranes are joined and detailed using hot air welding, and are either mechanically fixed or fully bonded or ballasted. Different colours and walkway systems can be introduced if desired.


This is a synthetic rubber membrane, large sheets can be pre-fabricated under factory conditions before bringing to site, therefore reducing application times. Joints are normally adhesive bonded.

The Benefits

Single Ply materials offer a range of benefits which appeal to building owners and their professional advisors.

  • They offer ease and speed of application.
  • They are clean and lightweight.
  • They are cold applied with no need for hot work certificates.
  • They are strong, flexible membranes with long life expectancy of 30 years or more.

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