The accepted and most versatile waterproofing solution for both refurbishment and new building projects

Reinforced Bituminous Membrane (RBM) roofing is still today, the most widely specified and used form of flat roof waterproofing. It is available in many different varieties, all of which can be supplied and fitted by BriggsAmasco.

The Material

Modern felt manufacture is based on a non-woven polyester fabric which is rot proof and very strong; this comes in different weights depending on application and use, and it is impregnated with bitumen.

Coating Compounds

Traditional felts use oxidised bitumen (unmodified). BriggsAmasco recommends the use of modified bitumens; either SBS, rubber modified elastomeric bitumen which gives excellent low temperature flexibility, and also increases the ability to handle flexural movement or APP, polymer modified bitumen, which gives good low temperature flexibility, resistance to slump and is notably easier to apply.

Methods of Application

BriggsAmasco operatives are fully trained (CSCS accredited) in the different methods of applying felts.

Pour and Roll:

The traditional method, where hot bitumen is heated to between 220-240ºC, is poured in front of a roll of felt. This gives total adhesion to the substrate.

Torch On:

This is the application of flame, from a gas torch, to the leading face of the roll of felt with a heat activated coating, which then creates a molten flow in front of the roll. BriggsAmasco operatives are aware of the potential hazards of using torch applied membranes, and are trained to follow the correct and recommended good practices in their application.

Cold Applied:

The ever changing and more demanding pressures of the commercial market, continue to place different demands on the roofing market. Today there is a call for Cold Applied products. With the traditional benefits of a felt system, BriggsAmasco can satisfy this requirement. One of our major supply chain manufacturers produces a state of the art bituminous felt system, 4.5mm thick, which is mechanically fixed with hot air welded laps. In addition it can be coupled with its own insulation system, cold applied and has a long life expectancy. It is suitable for lightweight construction.

Life Expectancy

BriggsAmasco uses felt products which are supported by BBA (British Board of Agrement) Certificates; many now quote a life expectancy of 25 years for felt systems. Guarantees for up to 20 years are offered covering materials, workmanship and design.

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