BriggsAmasco applied all their renowned skills and knowledge to help deliver the UK’s largest non-residential project built to the ultra-energy efficient Passivhaus standard. By providing a new Centre for Medicine at the University of Leicester with an insulated waterproofing system, green and brown roofs; BriggsAmasco have ensured students will have an all year-round thermal comfort which will reduce the university’s annual energy bills by 80% compared to the previous building.

The Centre for Medicine is designed to bring together the University’s leading academics, researchers, clinicians and students. It will provide teaching rooms, offices, lecture theatres, dry lab research facilities and support spaces for more than 2,350 staff and students. Its purpose is to completely transform medical teaching and improve the lives of many patients in the region and beyond. The campus features two tower blocks – one of five storeys and one of six which maximise the use of natural daylighting.

Working for main contractor, Willmott Dixon, BriggsAmasco provided a robust, insulated waterproofing system on a 3,600m2 area of roofing which required inverted and warm roof construction. To achieve this without compromising on quality or performance, the company specified and installed a durable roofing system featuring PermaTEC Hot Melt which offers a fast and efficient application process. BriggsAmasco applied the PermaTEC Hot Melt directly onto the building’s concrete roofing substrate before insulation – supplied by Jablite – was installed. With an inverted roof, the main insulation material was applied on top of the weatherproof covering so that the complete roof construction including covering remains warm during winter months and ambient throughout the summer. To plant room areas, the company utilised metal deck IKO SA vapour barrier, 180mm Enertherm and Armourplan single ply membrane.

To increase the building’s environmental and bio-diversity credentials, BriggsAmasco installed a green roof and two brown roofs. Each installation was fitted with fully-insulated cappings to all parapets. Hoppers and downpipes were also fitted as part of the project.

The experience, expertise and flexibility of BriggsAmasco’s onsite teams ensured this prestigious, complex development was completed to meet Willmott Dixon’s requirements. It helped provide the client with a building which has set high standards in terms of Passive House U-values, and create a comfortable, thermally-efficient centre for future medical experts and their tutors.




Approx. Area:

3,600m2 (Hot Melt)


Hot Melt, Single Ply, Green and Brown Roofs