Desirable City Centre Development Equipped with Multi-Roof Waterproof Protection Thanks to BriggsAmasco

BriggsAmasco provided waterproof roof protection for three tower blocks which form a new and desirable mixed-used development in Manchester city centre.

The Embankment West development features 356 private rental apartments and 147 medium-term aparthotel units across three towers of between 16 and 18 storeys. Each floor within the buildings offers stunning river views and a unique glimpse of the city landscape. The site was once occupied by the now demolished Manchester Exchange Railway Station.

Sir Robert McAlpine was appointed the development’s main contractor, with the roofs’ waterproofing work starting at the height of the coronavirus pandemic in April 2020. This posed a significant challenge to BriggsAmasco installers, as its workforce was reduced in number in order to increase on-site staff safety. The development’s city centre location was also a potential hinderance to the project’s smooth running. It meant material delivery times needed to be staggered in order to limit public and business disruption. Supplies were lifted to the summit of the three buildings in a complex operation involving two tower cranes.

For the roofs’ waterproofing, BriggsAmasco teams installed IKO Permatec – Hot Melt, a tough, flexible, self-sealing membrane, as part of an inverted build-up. It also included 220mm insulation and for the finish, 63mm paving slabs in order to overcome wind uplift. A mix of paving slab walkways and ballast provided the finish for the towers’ roofs, with terracing being included on three levels of one of the blocks.

Prior to the finishes being applied, BriggsAmasco carried out a flood test on each roof to assess the waterproof qualities of the membrane.

The roofs’ sizes ranged between 600m2 and 1,000m2 due to the large amount of plant materials and solar PV panels each had to accommodate. This added a layer of complexity to BriggsAmasco’s waterproofing programme not only in terms of ensuring each piece of equipment was fully sealed against rain and damp ingress, but also in relation to how teams were required to sequence the installation to coincide with plant delivery times. This was achieved thanks to an excellent collaborative working relationship with the main contractor, Sir Robert McAlpine.

Despite the general uncertainty and disruption to staffing levels as a result of the pandemic, BriggsAmasco teams delivered a complex roof waterproofing programme to the highest specification by August 2021. Thanks to their sterling performance, the three impressive tower blocks which comprise the extremely smart and thoroughly modern Embankment West development are fully protected against the elements for years to come.




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Hot Melt: IKO Permatec