BriggsAmasco operatives applied a liquid 3mm layer of Bauder Bakor 790-II to the roofing deck to infill and bond any minor deviations in the substrate. This was followed by a layer of polyester reinforcement to strengthen the system and provide a uniform surface. An additional 3mm layer of Bauder Bakor 790-II was then liquid applied to create a completed 6mm monolithic membrane, forming a flexible and robust waterproofing layer that would effectively prevent water ingress for the design life of the building. To complete the renovation, the BriggsAmasco operatives applied 900m² of Bauder Intensive Green Roof System. This lightweight substrate features 25% organic material, is manufactured and used in accordance with FLL guidelines and creates a suitable bedding system for the growth of grass, plants and flowers.



Approx. Area:



Hot Melt / Intensive Green Roof