BriggsAmasco earned a metaphorical ‘good deed’ badge after its maintenance division lent its waterproofing expertise to a local Scout group.

The team donated their time and materials to carry out a refurbishment of the 1st Surbiton Sealion Scouts’ hut. The building’s roof had fallen into a poor state of repair, and with a series of leaks threatening to interrupt the scouts’ weekly meetings, urgent action was required. In their haste to address the issue, the group turned to the local business community for help. When contacted, BriggsAmasco was more than happy to come to the scouts’ aid. Its maintenance team completed the roof’s repair outside of working hours, with their time and BriggsAmasco’s waterproofing materials, donated free of charge.

Dave Maginnis, BriggsAmasco Managing Director, said: “This was a fabulous little project to be involved with, as it aligned to our culture of supporting worthy community causes when and where possible. I’d like to thank our maintenance team for the hut’s waterproof repair in a professional and timely manner. We hope the scouts will be able to continue their fantastic activities, safe in the knowledge their HQ is now fully-protected against the elements.”

In penning a note of thanks to BriggsAmasco for its intervention, Pippa Taylor, Group Chair of 1st Surbiton Sealion Scouts, said it was ‘an incredible act of kindness for a local charity. Thank you’.