In partnership with specialist Active Training Team, this half day workshop features drama-based learning, a unique style of training which participants say made them reconsider their approach to health and safety issues.

In these sessions, theatrical performance was combined with open debate and the re-enactment of a number of site base scenarios. Two central characters were introduced from the outset, with whom the audience quickly identified and engaged. Encouraging discussion, the audience were given the opportunity to pause each scene, to comment and offer their opinion on why the situation arose and the best way to solve it.

‘Many of the attendees at the training session in Hull found the experience extremely worthwhile and made them consider their approach to health and safety in a different way. We have had very positive feedback from the event and found it to be beneficial, adding a different dynamic to the typical training we are used to’ commented Mark Boothby Development Manager at the Sewell Group.

Bert Bruff, BriggsAmasco Health and Safety Manager added: ‘This series of health and safety training events has been an outstanding success and the feedback has been fantastic. By taking this different and unique approach, we have demonstrated our commitment to find new ways in which to deliver the health and safety message.’