The half day workshop has been held at each of BriggsAmasco’s 11 branches, where the company’s health and safety team, alongside Active Training, has developed a bespoke training session for the company’s 400-strong workforce.

Re-creating a series of typical site based scenarios, two central characters were introduced from the outset, with whom the audience quickly identified and engaged. Encouraging discussion and debate, the audience were given the opportunity to pause each scene, to comment and offer their opinion on why the situation arose and the best way to resolve it.

Asked anonymously for opinions at the end of the sessions, the audience response was extremely positive, many of whom felt that the experience was a worthwhile one that made them consider their approach to health and safety in a different way.

Roger Fletcher, BriggsAmasco health and safety manager said: “This series of health and safety training events has been an outstanding success and the feedback has been fantastic. By taking this different and somewhat unique approach, we have demonstrated our commitment to find new ways in which to deliver the health and safety message and engage with our own people.

We want every individual in our business to have the confidence to speak out in a positive and non-confrontational way when faced with a situation that they are unhappy with. The real message of the session was to encourage positive communication, to talk situations through before, during and after they arise.”

During a number of events, clients, including main contractors were invited to attend. David Harrison of Miller Construction said: “We were very impressed with the session that proved to be far more informative than traditional health and safety sessions. BriggsAmasco has a good approach to health and safety both on site and in terms of training which today highlighted.”