As part of a groundbreaking new-build subterranean home – semi-submerged in the Helsby hillside – planners decreed that any visible element of the family home had to replicate the original Hillside Cottage. To achieve this, whilst providing outstanding environmental performance, BriggsAmasco was appointed to install a lawn-covered roof that would blend seamlessly into the scenic hillside.

In its green belt location and with much of the 15,000 sq ft building underground, it was vital that all aspects of the project had minimal environmental impact, ensuring it would meet and exceed the stringent planning restrictions. Incorporating a number of eco-friendly specifications – including timber frame, own water supply and bio-fuel energy – the project was completed to a high environmental standard

To complete the application, all of the BriggsAmasco operatives were enlisted onto a Derbigum and Green roof product training course. This ensured each of the highly-skilled installation team was fully qualified to perform every aspect of this cutting-edge project to meet the client’s high specification.

The company also applied a reinforced bituminous membrane and green roof and installed Dow Roofmate insulation – ideal for insulating green roofs to deliver outstanding environmental performance.

The futuristic project has garnered both regional and national news attention thanks to its innovative use of sustainable construction materials and techniques. With the bespoke, high specification roofing solution provided by BriggsAmasco, the Hillside Cottage stands as a fine example of high performance, eco-friendly construction.