Goodbye and thank-you to our retiring staff – good luck to those replacing them

As the end of the year approaches, it’s ‘all change’ across areas of the BriggsAmasco business. Due to retirement and staff movements, we have a few reluctant farewells and a couple of in-house positional changes to report.

The leavers headed for a well-earned rest following a long, dedicated service to the company include Chris Lawler, General Manager at BriggsAmasco Maintenance for 21 years; the same length of service as Mick Philbin, who is retiring as Aperture’s General Manager.

We are also saying goodbye to General Manager John Linsdell, who is leaving one-year short of completing an incredible half-century of service with us. And, Ron Hickey, Manager of our Manchester branch since 2010, completes the list of retirees.

As for the movers, Andy Phythian switches from Hyflex – where he’s spent 15 happy years – to become the BriggsAmasco Maintenance General Manager. Ian Weston is also swapping roles; following 17 years at our Birmingham branch, Ian is taking-up the position as Aperture General Manager.

We wish all our retirees and those relocating the very best of luck and sincere thanks for their sterling efforts throughout the years.

Dave Maginnis, Managing Director at BriggsAmasco, said: “The success of our company is built on the skills, experience and dedication of our brilliant staff. Each has played their part in helping maintain our excellent reputation as the country’s leading roofing contractor. Therefore, it is with both sorrow and gratitude that we say goodbye to Chris, Mick, John and Ron and thank them for their exemplary service. May your retirement be as happy and fulfilling as we hope your career was with us. Hearty congratulations also to Andy and Ian; like-for-like replacements for the adept and hardworking men whose roles they inherit.”

Good luck and thank-you once again to all for your brilliant, long-standing efforts.

(Pictured from left to right, Chris Lawler, Dave Maginnis, Mick Philbin, John Linsdell, Tony Bryan, Rob West & Ron Hickey).