Janice Tyler, PIEMA, is the Environment & Supply Manager at BriggsAmasco. When she was asked if she would like to speak about sustainability at the 2020 RCI show she was delighted to accept. Her talk will be on the necessity of culture change within our businesses if we are to tackle climate change and other sustainability issues successfully.

Janice has worked for BriggsAmasco for over 25 years, in the Commercial Department. She took on the sustainability role in 2013 which has grown naturally in diversity and importance. Having worked in other industries prior to construction, including publishing and international FMCG and finance, she has a wide range of knowledge and experiences that contribute towards encouraging a culture of change in a pragmatic way, ensuring that the three pillars sustainability – planet, people, and profit – are embedded.

If you would like to understand more about how change can be encouraged and achieved, then Janice’s talk is on Wednesday 25th March at 11.30. Register now at www.rcishow.co.uk