BriggsAmasco Customer Satisfaction Survey

I would like to commend your staff in their tidy way of working, their courtesy and consideration, enabling services in the church to continue as the work has progressed. The tidiness, and organisation of the site has also been impressive, as has your staff’s willingness to explain what was going on and when.

I have been very pleased that the work has been able to be carried out so swiftly after the acceptance of the tender. It is good to have a new roof on the church, particularly as parts of the old roof constituted a safety hazard as bits were falling off.

The one piece of work carried out not on contract was a repair to a wall damaged by a contractor’s vehicle. This was swiftly carried out, and a previous dislodgement of bricks on an adjacent wall was repaired at the same time (thank you!)

As I write all that seems to be required to return the external appearance to pristine condition is the re-erection of the cross on the entrance roof, and the re-bolting of the handrail to the wall, which was dislodged and repaired. The church has its busiest service of the year this Friday (Good Friday) at 3:00 with the liturgy of the solemn Passion of Christ (The other churches of the parish, too, will be busy this weekend as the celebration of the Easter liturgies moves from one to another). I thank you, in particular that the new roof is in place and the site is clear in time for these celebrations.

Fr R Taylerson
(Parish Priest)