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Copies of Quality and Environment & Sustainability policies can be obtained by contacting Janice Tyler – jtyler@briggsamasco.co.uk

308, 2016

Supply Chain Sustainability School Testimony

Janice Tyler, BriggsAmasco Environment and Supply Chain Manager, has recently recorded a testimony for the Supply Chain Sustainability School.

In the video Janice explains how BriggsAmasco became part of the School, three years ago, and the benefits experienced during that time. You can view the video in full by clicking here.

108, 2016

Environment and Sustainability

This accreditation was re-assessed as compliant in November 2013 and forms part of a wider Integrated Management System which includes ISO 9001 (Quality) and ISO 18001 (Health & Safety).

In September 2013 we appointed an Environment and Supply Chain Manager, Janice Tyler, as a further measure of our commitment to Environment & Sustainability management and initiatives.

One industry initiative BriggsAmasco has fully committed to is the Sustainability School. This was launched in 2012 by a group of main contractors as a common approach for suppliers and sub-contractors to address environmental and social sustainability issues. BriggsAmasco has achieved silver member status with the school.

Any queries on environment or sustainability issues can be emailed to Janice Tyler at jtyler@briggsamasco.co.uk.

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