BriggsAmasco Expertise Ensures Safe, Smart Delivery of Hospital Roof Refurbishment

The skill and flexibility of BriggsAmasco’s installation team was essential to the timely, high-specification completion of a roof refurbishment at a busy hospital site.

The project involved supplying a watertight, thermally-efficient system for the long-term protection of ‘Appleton Wing’, a vital area of Warrington Hospital containing operating theatres and a range of acute medical services.

On behalf of the Warrington and Halton Trust, BriggsAmasco was required to repair the existing asphalt roof and install a high-performance bitumen membrane flat roofing system. The existing asphalt surface had reached the end of its lifespan and was starting to leak. As part of the repairs programme, BriggsAmasco’s team removed chippings from the roof in order to make good the asphalt. A new vapour control layer was then installed, followed by a tapered insulation system to enhance the roof’s falls. The installation continued with an underlay sheet and was completed with an IKO UPXL waterproofing membrane. This robust, fire-retardant solution, which comes with a 30-year guarantee, was sealed by Briggs’ teams using hot air welders in a safe, torch-free application that negated the use of naked flame.

BriggsAmasco’s team had a number of issues to overcome during the hospital’s roof refurbishment. Firstly, they were working on a live site, which was busy with hospital staff, patients and visitors at all times of the day. It meant a flexible, collaborative approach needed to be taken by site teams and hospital stuff representatives to ensure the works programme did not restrict the building’s vital interior activity. For example, Briggs’ Facilities Management Team worked with the client to ensure a challenging manoeuvre, requiring the disconnection of extractor vents to enable the roof’s new waterproofing to be installed, was carried out without interruption to hospital services or the works programme.

The height of the tapered insulation within the new waterproofing system provided a further challenge. It required BriggsAmasco’s installers to raise the 1,500m2 roof’s parapet edge by 300mm to maintain a thermal and watertight seal. With the waterproofing in-situ, Briggs completed the refurbishment by designing and implementing a man-safe system, as the roof’s previous one no longer met performance regulations.

Despite the aforementioned challenges, BriggsAmasco completed the roof’s refurbishment within an agreed eight-week timeframe. Thanks to the diligence and workmanship of BriggsAmasco’s teams, the Appleton Wing of Warrington Hospital is now in possession of a roof which is long-term protected against the perils associated with water ingress for the safety and comfort of patients and staff.




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